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text and finally part with a task or a short test.



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A high motivation level is one of the key factors that has a positive impact on employees’ productivity and the quality of their work. This material provides various motivation theories and teaches how to keep motivation level high in a company or when working towards reaching one’s own goals.


Defining Mission, Vision and Values of a Company


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Defining mission, vision and values of any company, association or organisation is a key part of strategic planning. This course will help learners to recognise the importance of these three tools. They will be able to see how successful use of these tools can help a company to grow, develop and fullfil its goals. 




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Even though the importance of good leadership skills in entrepreneurship is widely acknowledged, it is not always clear which qualities are necessary to be a good leader. In this lesson the learners will learn and reflect on qualities that define good leadership, e.g. enthusiasm, integrity, loyalty etc. The material is based on a Forbes article ‘8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership’.


Giving and Receiving Feedback


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Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of successful teamwork and group management; it is used in different environments and can be discussed in different subjects, especially before group projects and presentation sessions. The following material provides ideas and tips on giving and receiving feedback in a positive and motivational way. It also encourages further discussion on the importance of feedback among the learners.


Design Thinking

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There are different techniques that can help students learn to think in an innovative way and develop problem solving skills. Design Thinking is one of these methods; it consists of various creative steps that lead to a solution of a problem/invention of a new product etc. Since Design Thinking is a creative process based on the “building up” of ideas, this didactic material not only helps explain the idea of this method to the students but also offers a framework for a practical group work.


Business start ideas


Please find more in hand-out and worksheet. 

A business starts with an idea. A good business idea is based on an understanding of people`s needs and the development of solutions that fit those needs. In this process, it is important to identify characteristics and elements that others may overlook. Identifying products, activities and situations that could be made in a simpler, friendlier or more efficient way and recording these observations is a useful practice for idea finding, when trying to solve a specific problem.


Orientation on the market


Please find more in hand-out and worksheet. 

A business can determine the scope of its market by conducting surveys of customer needs, product/ service prices and competitors. When a product or service is needed by people, there is a demand. These people can become customers to purchase your product/ pay for your service. Companies that provide similar products or services are competitors.


Learning from others


Please find more in worksheet and presentation of SuccessStories

Learning from success stories of others can be an inspiring process for finding/ refining own ideas to start a business. Analysing specific factors that are beneficial or obstructive can help to better under-stand support needs and the responsibility that comes with self-employment.


Creative thinking techniques


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Discover with us how to implement to your classes creative techniques as brainstorming, brainwriting and other creativity techniques.

Creativity is a key factor for the success of entrepreneurs. It can support competitive advantage by invention of new products/ services or exploring niches by change of a method. Creativity can also be a driver for innovation and a skill to solve problems.




Please find more in handout and worksheet. 

A SWOT-Analysis is a tool to identify the position in the market. Based on the analysis of your markets, you identify strengths and weaknesses using the SWOT analysis grid and evaluate the findings. From this evaluation, you get an impression of the process of planning a strategy for e.g. marketing. 

Small business ideas


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When initiating a small business, there are many factors that must be considered before starting it. This activity will present different small business ideas and explain how to choose a business depending on different factors.

Promotion basics


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We buy items primarily as a result of promotion, that is a part of our daily lives. This activity will help understanding the different means of promotion available nowadays and to select the most adequate according to the product or service that is offered. It can be used together with business or product/services ideas activities.

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs


Please find more in worksheet  and handout  

Which characteristics are common among entrepreneurs? This activity aims to approach this question using the support of the handout: “Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs”. It can be used together with activities regarding business start ideas.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


Please find more in worksheet  and handout  

What skills does someone need to be an entrepreneur? This activity will help finding it out using the support of the quiz: “Am I an entrepreneur?”. It can be used together with activities regarding entrepreneurs’ characteristics.

The 30 second elevator pitch


Please find more in worksheet  and handout  

Communication skills are fundamental for an entrepreneur. This activity will guide developing a short pitch to present to potential investors using the support of the Power Point presentation: “The 30 second elevator pitch”. It can be used together with activities regarding business start ideas.


Please find more in worksheet  and handout  

Miming and role-playing is an aspect of simulation. A whole situation is simulated in the classroom, and the participation adopt roles which belong to it. Pupils in general like any sort of play-acting. Stories for dramatization should be chosen with an eye to the roles they offer, preference being given to those which have several rather than two or three characters. The story must first be familiar, and then discussed from the viewpoint of what the characters in it do and say – or, rather, what they can do and say, for as much as possible should be left open for the learners’ suggestions. Parts and passages of the action can be tried out with the whole class, somewhat in the manner of a rehearsal, and then it can be let to groups or teams to see what they can do among themselves.

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